Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Friday, December 21, 2012

This week has been full of exciting activities and today was a showstopper! Thanks to the wonderful parent support, we had six rotating Christmas stations:

1) Edible Christmas trees (waffle cones with green icing and M&M's for ornaments)
2) Gingerbread houses (milk cartons with graham crackers)
3) Pete the Cat Saves Christmas read aloud & glyph
4) A Charlie Brown Christmas (iPod touch app & AR test)
5) Grinch measurement and glitter ornament (the kids measured the height, length, and width of 3 gifts to make sure they could fit in the grinch's sack!)
6) Santa's Stuck! Writing activity and craft

After the rotations, I opened my sweet gifts from the kids. Wow! You guys sure know how to spoil a teacher!

The kids finally reached their goal of 18 brownie points. They chose to have a pizza party. Thanks Mrs. Pylant for picking up the Papa John's!

After lunch, we did a boy/girl gift exchange. They sat in two separate circles and I read this story aloud - Each time I said "right" they passed the gift to the right, etc.

Once gift time was over, we packed up our stockings with all the goodies from our classmates and grabbed our blankets and pillows and headed to the cafeteria.

We joined all our 2nd grade classmates for the movie "Santa Paws."

What a day! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas break!

We Want an Elf!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The past several days, students have been bringing in their "Elf on a Shelf" to keep an eye on the kids during the school day. The kids had the idea to write to Santa to see if we could get an elf to watch over our classroom each day. This afternoon, we each wrote letters to Santa to try and persuade him to send us one of his precious workers. Check back for an update to see if he responds!

Happy Birthday to Regan

Regan's birthday was December 2. We enjoyed a delicious cookie cake adorned with none other than her famous "Kitty" character from the fictional book series that she is writing this year!

Happy 8th Birthday Regan!!

Student of the Month: Initiative

Congratulations to Mason, our class nominee for "Initiative!"

Mason is such a great example for taking initiative. He is always on the look out for quiet ways he can help around the classroom. Whenever I turn around, he is either picking up trash, straightening books, or moving on to his next activity without being asked. He is always willing to dive head first into any task I ask the students to do. He does things the right way the first time he is asked. He is a responsible student and is a joy to have in class.

Happy Birthday to Eliza

Eliza's birthday was November 16th. We celebrated by having these yummy cupcakes. Happy 8th birthday Eliza!

Thanksgiving Fun!

We spent the two days before our Thanksgiving break working hard!

To finish off our "Changes" unit, the students made coffee filter turkeys. They had to color the coffee filter using regular washable markers, then dip them in water and watch the change that occurs. We let them dry overnight and added a turkey body the next day. Then, they each wrote a story about turkeys. They could choose to write about how to catch a turkey OR how to cook a turkey. We got some very interesting stories!

We also made toilet paper tube turkeys. After reading "A Turkey for Thanksgiving" by Eve Bunting, we made these cute things. I hope you enjoyed them at home!

Last, we played a main idea/detail matching game with facts about wild turkeys. The kids really liked learning the new information.