Even Steven and Odd Todd

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We've been practicing even and odd numbers this week in math and learning to explain the difference in the two. After reading the book, Even Steven and Odd Todd, we played the matching game. Students had to choose a character, roll two dice, add the numbers, then determine if the number was odd or even. If their character won (Even Steven or Odd Todd), they got to move their game piece. The first to the top was the winner. They enjoyed the game and it really helped enforce the strategies needed to determine if a number was even or odd.
Click here to print and practice the game at home: Even Steven and Odd Todd

Skip counting...literally!

This week, we are practicing our skip counting. The common core says that students need to be able to skip count by 2's, 5's, 10's, and 100's all the way to 1000. We warmed up today by drawing numbers using sidewalk chalk and using task cards that had them skipping all through their number line. They were begging to do it again tomorrow before we even made it inside!

Here is the link to the task cards we used:


iPods in the classroom

A day long awaited by these brand new second graders has arrived...the class set of iPod touches were distributed! After a long talk and discussing do's and don't's, the students got a little time for free exploration on their new tech tool. We'll be doing a lot of cool projects this year with these, so check back for updates!

Inquiry Experiment #1

Dancing raisins - what comes to mind? The kids had several questions when they saw the sprite, cups, and raisins sitting out. We discussed the steps of the scientific method (with the help of Brain Pop) and then made our predictions in our new science journals. Ask your child what the outcome was!

We are 2nd Graders!

We're on a Roll!

Number rolls started today in room 19! I purchased 19 receipt rolls this week and this will be an ongoing project for the students this year. The kids are basically practicing their number sense and place value by seeing how high they can count and number! We have a "number roll wizard" and keep track if who is in the lead. Ask your child for updates!

First day of 2nd Grade!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Our first day is officially in the books! We had a terrific day - it flew by! Between supply and notebook organizing, reading books, dancing, bus practice, PE, lunch, recess, and catching up with friends, we barely had a moment to spare! Below are our first day pics - its amazing how much they'll grow by May!

First Day Jitters

Happy first day of school! Today we read First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg. We talked about what we felt when we got up this morning. Some were excited, some anxious, some very sleepy! We loved the ending where we find out the teacher had some first day "jitters" as well. The kids loved the story. Afterwards, we did a shared reading of the "Jitter Juice" poem. The students copied it into their new writing journal.
Once we were done writing, we finally got to taste some Jitter Juice - a mixture of Hawaiian punch, Sprite, and Rainbow Sherbet. Class consensus - yum!