The Great Pumpkin Investigation

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Today we began our new unit entitled "Changes." We will study the many changes that happen in the world around us. We started off with something that is quite appropriate for the season...pumpkins! We did "The Great Pumpkin Investigation."
 We had five pumpkins around the room (Thanks Weston and Izzy Kate!) and students were put into groups based on their colored sticker. We read Pumpkin Circle and discussed the growth and stages of the pumpkin as it goes from seed to pumpkin. We broke out into groups and began our estimating and guessing. We had a blast!

The yellow pumpkin station

All five pumpkins! Can you guess which one weighed the most?
Finding the circumference
Weighing the pumpkin
Finding the height of the pumpkin in unifix cubes
Will the pumpkin sink or float?
Creating a chart to show the cycle of a pumpkin
Our class data chart

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