Princess Theater field trip

Monday, November 18, 2013

Last Friday, the Ben Davis students took a field trip over to our local performing arts theater, the "Princess Theater." We saw the play "The Teacher from the Black Lagoon and other stories" performed by:
The Young Audience Professional Series
We had a great time!

Student of the Month "Positive Attitude"

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Student of the Month for September - Positive Attitude - Penny Smith

I nominated Penny Smith for positive attitude. Penny is the student of the month nominee for our class because of her contagious smile and happy attitude that she brings to the classroom each and every day. She enters with a smile on her face and a cheerful greeting and is ready to start her day. She is eager to learn and creates positive relationships with any person she comes in contact with. Her love for her school and classmates is evident by the way she treats others and her outlook on life. She is always kind to others and I often catch her giving encouragement or hugs or both! She has an uplifting spirit that can make anyone feel special. Penny is truly a great example for positive attitude and is well-deserving of its title. Way to go!

Great job Penny!

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated Halloween at Ben Davis on Thursday. What a day! We all dressed as book characters and the kids had a great time trying to figure out who each person was.
Say "Happy Halloween!"

Had to join the kiddos for one group pic
After lunch, it was time to celebrate our class learning all our addition facts! We've been working hard since September to master all facts from 0-20. The kids got different toppings based on which facts they were able to finish. We enjoyed this yummy treat.

Ice cream sundae time!

Hala brought in a treat bag for each child
Thank you to all the parents who came in to lend a helping hand!
After our ice cream had been devoured, we loaded up on the bus and took the short trip over to Leon Sheffield for a haunted house!
Waiting to go in...some are a little nervous!

October Snazzy Snack - Monster Mash

Today we had our monthly "Snazzy Snack." We do this as a celebration for good behavior and as practice for procedural writing. This month's snazzy snack was thoughtfully provided by the Porter family. We had "Monster Mash."

Monster Mash
Vanilla pudding
2 gumdrops
2 pieces of candy corn
Squeeze icing
Bowl or cup for pudding
1. The two gumdrops are your monster’s eyes. Put
them on the vanilla pudding.
2. Use the icing to draw hair and a mouth.
3. Put the candy corn on as teeth (fangs) under the
4. Devour your monster!

Ingredients are ready
Recording the recipe
Pudding goes into the bowl
Scary monster face
Hala is all done!