Happy Fall y'all!

Friday, December 12, 2014

We hope you're enjoying this unseasonably warm weather as much as we are! We took a quick break outside to play in the falling leaves. 

Turkey snazzy snack

Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's November! My class was in charge of the 2nd/3rd grade hallway bulletin board so we spent an afternoon reflecting on what we are thankful for and making edible turkey snacks. Thanks so much to the Richardsons for providing all our snazzy snack items!

Marshmallow Launch

On Friday, November 14, we had a "blast" with math! We made some marshmallow poppers ahead of time and used them to launch mini-marshmallows, jumbo marshmallows, and ping pong balls. Using an activity sheet, the students ran three trials with each item and then measured how many feet the object went. They compared the measurements and determined the difference (2.MD.4). You can download the activity here FREE from Teachers Pay Teachers - 

Halloween investigations

What better time than on Halloween to do an estimating and measuring project with pumpkins? Students got hands-on with a bunch of pumpkins by weighing them, measuring them with unifix cubes and measuring tape, and determining if they could sink or float. We ordered the pumpkins from smallest to largest and learned that the biggest pumpkins aren't always the ones that weigh the most!

Happy Halloween from 2nd grade!

Land of inch

Today we did a hands-on measurement lesson adapted from AMSTI unit 9. The children watch a video about the land of inch - 

I then handed them rulers, a map direction sheet, 4 land of inch buildings, and a large sheet of butcher paper. Their task - create a map of this "Land of Inch" where everything is miniature. 

The kids had a blast and did a great job creating "extra" things to be on the map.

Columbia day 2 rotations

Sunday, October 19, 2014

On Thursday, October 16, we had our second day of our AUM students teaching our culture study. Miss Barrett led the lesson by teaching all about Columbia on a map, its capital, its clothing and its culture. Then, the students divided into three groups, each led by a different intern. They got to work with maps, learn more about clothing, and do in-depth research at the computer station, all while recording their information in their Columbia passbook. They had a great time and learned a lot!


Today was our AUM students first day to teach on their own. They launched our culture study for theme day. Our class was assigned the country of "Columbia." So, for day 1 we studied and created the flag, the national flower, and the national tree. The kids had a blast!

Planting flowers

To launch our unit on plants, we got to plant our own flowers! After discussing seeds and observing different types, we went outside armed with pots, soil, seeds, and water. We split into groups and began planting. We watered the plants and labeled the pot (Zinnias, Nasturtiums, and Sunflowers). We can't wait to observe these flowers and document our findings in our plant observation journal!

Plant functions - Celery Experiment

Because we are studying parts of the plant, our class did an inquiry experiment with celery. We wanted to know what would happen if we put the celery in colored water overnight. The kids figured out that the celery needs to take in the water to live and the color of the water will effect the celery color over time.

Humane Society

On Friday, October 17, Mary Hughes from the Montgomery Humane Society paid a visit to the MacMillan second graders! She brought her golden retriever along with her to teach the children how to care for an animal, how to treat an unknown animal, and how to pet an animal. The kids learned a lot and really enjoyed her demonstration!

May I pet your dog?

Let the dog sniff the back of your hand

Then you may pet the dog's back

We love Harvey!