Student of the Month - School Spirit

Thursday, February 27, 2014

This is Chet's first year at Ben Davis, but you would never know it! At first I thought it might be a difficult transition for him but he definitely proved me wrong. From the very first day, he dove head first into our classroom and getting familiar with his new school and classmates. Never one to be shy, he made new friends quickly and gained their respect. He was nominated for class representative for the Ben Davis student council and takes his job seriously. Every task he is given, he works diligently to complete it to the best of his ability. He takes pride in his classroom and our school. Whether it is picking up at trash at the playground, or making sure our class set of iPods are stored and charged neatly at the end of each day, he goes the extra mile to show that the little things matter. Chet has been a good role model to his classmates by his willingness to work hard on his school assignments and by going out of his way to be helpful and kind to others. For these reasons and more, I feel he is very deserving of this award. Congrats Chet!

American Symbols on Parade

Today was our class play! We performed "American Symbols on Parade." It was all about Uncle Sam and his assistant, Rose trying to put together a parade of the famous American Symbols. It was super cute, plus the kids really learned a lot from it! We had a great time, but sure are glad to have it over with. I had to borrow a few pictures from parents in the class since I had my hands full!

Getting started

Secret Service agents and the White House

Rose and the Statue of Liberty

Bald Eagles

Star Spangled Banner

Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty

Strudel - the official state pastry of Texas

Good friends!

Yummy cookie cake to celebrate!

Student of the Month - Commitment

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

 Izzy Kate has shown such commitment to her education this year. Each week, she comes in wanting to learn something new. This year, she has researched Amelia Earhart and the Bermuda Triangle, Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller, and Orcas. She works hard in the classroom each day to complete her work to the best of her ability and still has time to complete research on things she wants to know more about. It was because of her that our class wanted to start their own blog. She had the idea early on and we worked together until her idea came to fruition. Izzy Kate serves as the Secretary for the Ben Davis student council. Outside of school, her commitment shows by her involvement in dance and violin lessons. The definition of commitment is the attitude of someone who works very hard to do something and this is definitely very fitting for this sweet young lady. Great job Izzy Kate both today and every day!

How many cubes?

Today I posed a question to my students - How many unifix cubes do we have in our classroom?

We are currently working on triple digit addition and subtraction. The kids quickly got to work making a plan about gathering, counting, and sorting.
They decided to put the cubes into two categories - hard to put together and easy to put together (ha!). After that, they agreed to put in cube trains of 10. After 10 trains of 10 were made, they made stacks of 100.

After the stacks were made, we counted and re-counted to check our numbers. The total number of cubes was...


But I wanted to know more...

I decided that I must have started with about 3000 cubes when I first began teaching, so I posed the next question - How many cubes have gone missing over the years?

They set back to work trying different methods to figure out the problem.

We shared our different answers and strategies with our table groups, then a representative from each table came up and showed their journal on the document camera. We decided that 683 have gone missing!

Great job to these kids today. Little did they know, they were tackling some 3rd grade math standards in the process of all the fun!

Ben Davis Got Talent 2014

This week was our school's talent show. We hosted many amazing acts - from dancing and singing, to musical instruments and magic tricks. Its always SUCH a fun time to see the kids doing what they love. I definitely enjoyed watching my sweet 2nd grade kiddos being risk-takers and getting up on stage. Great job to everyone!
After-show posing


Izzy Kate playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the violin

Great job girls!

Penny and Zoe dancing to "Call Me Maybe"