Coffeehouse Poetry Cafe

Friday, May 16, 2014

Thursday, May 15, was our class' "Poetry Cafe" day. We've been working on poetry for the past four weeks, learning about literary elements and different types of poems. I used an empty classroom in the building and set it up to look like a coffeehouse. We made invitations and invited our parents to come and watch us share our original poems we'd been writing. The kids all shared many of their poems, enjoyed pastries and chocolate milk, and they each went home with their own published version of all the poems that each student had written. We had a great time and these kids really seem to enjoy poetry!

Field Day 2014

Today was the DCMS Field Day and boy, what an exciting day it was! It started off cold and windy at 55 degrees but it eventually became a beautiful day.

We rotated through several "stations" for 10 minutes each and capped it off with a tug-of-war tournament. Congratulations to Mrs. Wiley's class on the big win!

After a lunch break, the faculty played all the 2nd grade classes in a rousing game of kickball. The faculty pulled out the win in the last inning. 

Needless to say, these kids (and teachers) are pretty worn out!