Dr. Seuss Character Day

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy Read Across America week from 2nd grade!

Italy, lesson 3

Today was Miss Ghames turn to teach on our culture study topic: Italy. She decided to do a lesson on Italian food. The kids learned about ingredients the Italians are known for frequently using, then had the chance to create their own unique Italian dish on a paper plate. They presented their "dishes" and then got a chance to even sample an Italian dessert - gelato. The kids were begging for seconds!

A picture of the class with our 4 AUM students
Tasting the gelato

2nd Grade Play

This is our night to howl!!
Our 2nd grade play, "Arf!" is in the books. We spent four weeks learning the songs, practicing lines, preparing costumes, decorating the stage, and rehearsing the play. On Friday, March 20 we performed in front of the entire school and our families. The kids did a terrific job and the play was a hit. Great job to all the doggies!

Family Reading Day

As a part of "Read Across America" week, I sent out an open invitation to all the parents in my classroom to come and read to us on Thursday. The parents responded big time and we enjoyed hearing many different Dr. Seuss books that day. It was so fun to get to see the kids with their parents (and grandparents)! We love it any time a family member can join us.
Mikiyah's mom

Charles' grandfather
Tacarria's mother
Mia's "Aaron"
Brandon's mom

Thanks to all who came and volunteered their time!

A taste of Italy

As a celebration for finishing our play and to deepen our study of Italy, we had an Italian lunch in Room 124! I brought in noodles, sausage, ground beef, garlic, basil, tomato sauce, four-cheese sauce, and a crock pot. We mixed the sauce ingredients before the play and enjoyed the aroma all morning. At lunchtime, we watched "Strega Nona" and tasted our Italian lunch. The kids all seemed to love it!

Jungle Adventures

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

As a part of our IB unit, we are learning all about animals, their behaviors, characteristics, and body coverings. On February 18, we had Mr. Rick from Gatlinburg come to show off his amazing animals! We met a cayman, a python, monkey, cockatoo, tortoise, and a lizard. The kids were absolutely enthralled.

Culture Study: Italy, Day 1

It's that time of year again when we happily welcome our future teachers from AUM. This semester, we were lucky enough to have 4 students teaching for their Social Studies methods course. 
The first week, Miss Barkley was in charge of doing an introduction to Italy. She taught us about finding Italy on a map, we listened to Italy's national anthem, and then we learned all about the Italian flag. The students split into groups and rotated through 4 different stations, making different flags. They had a blast!