Let's Read!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The past few weeks, we have been learning what makes good readers and good writers. We are practicing building up our stamina so that we can read and write for extended periods of time.

Read to Self - we started at 3 minutes and have already built up to reading 13 minutes without stopping. All 24 students are able to sit and read a book (or books) of their choice quietly while Mrs. Davis and Miss Beck meet and confer one-on-one with students about their reading.

Read to Someone - we started at three minutes and are up to 7 minutes of being able to read with a partner. We've learned how to choose a partner, how to read with someone (I read - you read, read together, Let's make a deal) and how to coach if our partner needs assistance.

Work on Writing - we started at three minutes and are up to 10 minutes of writing by ourselves. Each day, we get a mini-lesson on an aspect of writing - what to do when I don't know how to spell a word, what words get capitalized, how to use correct punctuation, identifying common and proper nouns, and what makes a complete sentence. After writing, we volunteer for "Author's Chair" to read what we've written so far to the class. Any completed writing is edited by Mrs. Davis or Miss Beck and the student is invited to take it to the next level and share their writing with a friend or another lead learner in the school building.

Next up - we'll be introducing word work. Students have been assessed on their phonics progression and will be given individualized word lists to practice on a weekly basis. Check your child's Patriot binder in the coming week for words they are working on!

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