Burritt on the Mountain

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today was our class field trip to Huntsville to go to Burritt on the Mountain. We did a tour of the barnyard, learned about old fashioned toys, played lawn darts, did rubber stamping and paper punching, took a tour of the Burritt mansion and grounds, and finally got a chance to churn butter. After that, we had a picnic lunch and played on the field with the other second grade classes. We were fortunate to have beautiful fall weather for our trip! We were pretty worn out from our eventful day!

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  1. Hi, I'm David Davis. I wrote Fandango Stew. I was surfing and saw that your class made some nice looking stew and read my book. Thank you for posting the pictures of it. It encourages me to see children enjoying my writing. Hope all of you have a great holiday season. And remember: "Nothing is finer than Fandango Stew!
    All the best,
    David Davis