Stone Soup

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The past week, we have been reading many different versions of the story, "Stone Soup." We read Stone Soup by Ann McGovern, Stone Soup by Marcia Brown, Stone Soup by Jon J. Muth, Fandango Stew by David Davis, and read "Nail Soup" (Jr. Great Books version) retold by Linda Rahm. We are also finishing our IB unit on "Changes." To culminate both activities, we made stone soup as a class. Students each brought in different things - celery, potatoes, crock pots and spoons, jars, cream, carrots, onions, corn, beef, broth, bowls, and cornbread. We listened to the song "Stone Soup" by Karyn Henley as we each took turns adding our items to the pot. First we added water, then a stone. We added the rest of the items in order as the song played on. We set the crock pot on high and left on the buses to go to Austin to see "Twice Upon a Time." When we returned, our whole classroom smelled yummy!
We set up tablecloths on each group of desks. On the tablecloths, we drew the ingredients that went into the pot. Then, we summarized the story and drew out a place setting for ourself. While we worked, we passed around the cream in a jar to make butter for our cornbread. Finally, the meal was ready!

We had a few mixed feelings about the soup, but most of the kids loved it and asked for more. We discussed all the changes that took place to prepare the meal. The kids loved it and even said it made them think of Thanksgiving (how the Pilgrims and Native Americans all contributed to the meal).
Almost Done!
Cornbread and butter
Not so sure about the soup...
Shaking up our cream!
Stone Soup is in the pot and cooking hot!
Not the best of reactions!
He liked it so much, he decided to have two bowls!
Ready to eat!
Shake up that butter!
Drawing a place setting.
Summarizing the story
Drawing out the ingredients
She got down two whole spoonfuls!
Our initial reactions and questions after reading "Nail Soup"
He likes it!

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