Cathedral Caverns

Monday, April 22, 2013

In our IB Unit "What's Your Part?," we've also been learning about different landforms on our planet. The 2nd graders at Ben Davis took a field trip to Woodville, AL to visit Cathedral Caverns. It was a cold, windy day for April, but we had a great time!
We took a 1 1/2 hour tour through the caverns. It was huge! The tour guide turned all the lights off at the end and we couldn't believe how dark it was.
Afterwards, we took a quick lunch break then heading over to pan for gems. We each got a large bag filled with dirt. We dumped a little in our pan at a time and learned how to filter water through to find gemstones. The kids were thrilled with their findings! We got a few minutes to check out the gift shop then were on our back to Decatur.
Thanks to all the parents who came and helped out - it was an enjoyable day!

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