Growth Capsules

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today we did a fun science observation for our "Changes" unit. First thing in the morning, we dropped a capsule into a dixie cup. Throughout the day, we recorded what the capsule looked like a different time periods. By the end of the day, we had a nice little surprise on our hands! The kids loved seeing the changes that occurred.

We're going "ball"istic!

Our class set of stability balls are complete!
Donors include:
Karla Davis (mother in law of teacher)
Dr. and Mrs. Allan and Evie Lowman
Balls on borrow - thanks to Hala and Izzy Kate's parents for the loaners!
All other balls were purchased by Mrs. Davis from Dirt Cheap (a deeply discounted store in our area).
The balls used to support focusing and "sensory regulation." They provide brain stimulation, allowing kids the brain power to stay on-task. The balls also provide core muscle strengthening benefits. I have already noticed more on-task behavior during group/independent work and attentiveness during direct instruction time with these seven and eight year olds!

Mallard Stables

On Wednesday, October 23, 14 lucky DCMS students got to join the 2nd grade teachers for an afternoon at the farm. The winners of our Fall Festival auction were invited to come with us to Mallard Stables. They got a chance to ride the zipline and ride horses, feed the goats and sheep, hold a chicken, play on the bikes and the playground, and also went for a final ride on the train. We had snacks and drinks and had a BLAST! It was so much fun to hang out with these sweet kiddos for a relaxing few hours at the farm.

The Great Pumpkin Investigation

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Today we began our new unit entitled "Changes." We will study the many changes that happen in the world around us. We started off with something that is quite appropriate for the season...pumpkins! We did "The Great Pumpkin Investigation."
 We had five pumpkins around the room (Thanks Weston and Izzy Kate!) and students were put into groups based on their colored sticker. We read Pumpkin Circle and discussed the growth and stages of the pumpkin as it goes from seed to pumpkin. We broke out into groups and began our estimating and guessing. We had a blast!

The yellow pumpkin station

All five pumpkins! Can you guess which one weighed the most?
Finding the circumference
Weighing the pumpkin
Finding the height of the pumpkin in unifix cubes
Will the pumpkin sink or float?
Creating a chart to show the cycle of a pumpkin
Our class data chart

Happy Bosses Day!

Today is Bosses Day! In honor of Mr. Kross, we all decorated ties and wore them at school.

Happy Bosses Day!

1, 2, 3, say "Happy Bosses Day!"

Silly kiddos

Student Blogging...lets give it a try!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I must start by saying this class has totally impressed me by their desire to learn and try new things! A few children approached me last week about starting their own blog or website. A little research was done and I decided to purchase a 1 year membership to "Kid Blog." This website allows a teacher to create a main page. I then created individual log-ins for the students and they can each create their own individual blogging page. They have an app on their iPod touches so that they can blog and post their writing and pictures of activities going on in class.
Today, I let the students get familiar with the blog and how to use the app. We are still learning what blogging is all about, but the kids seemed to love giving it a try! Check out our blog at

Express Yourself, Day 3

Today (9/27) was the last day of express yourself presentations. We had seven children present today and they were all thoroughly enjoyed!

Austin express how much he loves running
My Cat "Gordon"
I love reading!
All about my sister, Elicia
Singing is the best!
Basketball is one of my most favorite sports!
Basketball is awesome!

Student Council, first meeting

Today was the first meeting of the 2013-2014 Ben Davis student council. At 12:30, four children excitedly left the room with their folders in hand to learn what student council was all about.

Our school treasurer showing off the phone book award plaque

The four officers holding the meeting

Our treasurer adding up the total amount of money available for student council

Our classroom representatives discussing the topics from the meeting

Open Hour - Tour of our classroom

In case you weren't able to come to open house on September 26th, here are some pictures I took that night. I also realized I haven't posted any pictures of the room since I moved from room 9 to room 19!

I wish the balls would always look so nice and neat!

AR Points chart
Birthdays and Job Charts

Our "No Talking" newspaper articles
Hallway display
Our cubbies

This is what was placed on each students' desk