Measuring in the Land of Inch

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

As a part of our measuring unit, the students completed a measuring map. I pulled a lesson from AMSTI Investigations called "Measuring in the Land of Inch." After learning about the Land of Inch (click here for the story and additional activities - we created a map of the land of inch using specific guidelines for the distances between each building in their land. Then, the students added buildings and landmarks of their own to complete the map. They were very creative and seemed to really enjoy the project!

100th Day Fun

It goes without saying that the 100th day in a primary elementary school is cause for celebration. The fact that we also had a 2 hour weather delay made it even better!

To celebrate, 2nd grade teachers AND students all dressed as if we were 100 year olds! The kids had a great time with it.

We also prepared a "100th Day Crunch and Munch"

We had 10 different snack items sent in. Kids got 10 of each item making for a grand total of 100 snacks!

The students' assignment for this day was to bring in a water bottle with 100 items in it. The kids came up with some interesting things to bring. As a class, we put the items in order from largest to smallest. They took it quite seriously!

Tis the season of giving!

This year, instead of having a gift exchange in our classroom, we decided to try something new! The students were asked to bring in 1 new or gently used book from home that they enjoyed reading when they were younger. We decided we would give them to the Kindergarten students at our school (they have 10 in their class). 

The response was overwhelming! We ended up with 68 books from my 2nd grade class! We gathered up lots of butcher paper and the wrapping party began!