American Symbols on Parade

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Today was our class play! We performed "American Symbols on Parade." It was all about Uncle Sam and his assistant, Rose trying to put together a parade of the famous American Symbols. It was super cute, plus the kids really learned a lot from it! We had a great time, but sure are glad to have it over with. I had to borrow a few pictures from parents in the class since I had my hands full!

Getting started

Secret Service agents and the White House

Rose and the Statue of Liberty

Bald Eagles

Star Spangled Banner

Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty

Strudel - the official state pastry of Texas

Good friends!

Yummy cookie cake to celebrate!


  1. So cute!!! You are so wonderful for our children. So blessed to have you this year!!

  2. i second Mary's comment! thank you for doing all you do!