How many cubes?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Today I posed a question to my students - How many unifix cubes do we have in our classroom?

We are currently working on triple digit addition and subtraction. The kids quickly got to work making a plan about gathering, counting, and sorting.
They decided to put the cubes into two categories - hard to put together and easy to put together (ha!). After that, they agreed to put in cube trains of 10. After 10 trains of 10 were made, they made stacks of 100.

After the stacks were made, we counted and re-counted to check our numbers. The total number of cubes was...


But I wanted to know more...

I decided that I must have started with about 3000 cubes when I first began teaching, so I posed the next question - How many cubes have gone missing over the years?

They set back to work trying different methods to figure out the problem.

We shared our different answers and strategies with our table groups, then a representative from each table came up and showed their journal on the document camera. We decided that 683 have gone missing!

Great job to these kids today. Little did they know, they were tackling some 3rd grade math standards in the process of all the fun!

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