Student of the Month - Commitment

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

 Izzy Kate has shown such commitment to her education this year. Each week, she comes in wanting to learn something new. This year, she has researched Amelia Earhart and the Bermuda Triangle, Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller, and Orcas. She works hard in the classroom each day to complete her work to the best of her ability and still has time to complete research on things she wants to know more about. It was because of her that our class wanted to start their own blog. She had the idea early on and we worked together until her idea came to fruition. Izzy Kate serves as the Secretary for the Ben Davis student council. Outside of school, her commitment shows by her involvement in dance and violin lessons. The definition of commitment is the attitude of someone who works very hard to do something and this is definitely very fitting for this sweet young lady. Great job Izzy Kate both today and every day!

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