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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The students are jumping on the bandwagon with me to do more things "paperless" here in Room 19. Instead of doing a good old-fashioned book report, the kids were required to do a book talk on their favorite Dr. Seuss book. Since we were celebrating his birthday that week any way, I thought it would be a good time to teach them about sequencing and summarizing and also how to post to YouTube. In case you were wondering, a book talk is a short talk about a book that tells the listener just enough about it to make them want to read it without revealing the ending.

Check out their Dr. Seuss book talks on my YouTube channel! -

Also posted recently - subtraction videos! To show their understanding of subtracting to 1000, they had to create their own subtraction problem which required regrouping. They could solve it with any of the strategies they were taught. They had to use the inverse operation to check their answer.

Why do I teach this way?
Here is an image of Bloom's Taxonomy made into a wheel (Remember and Understand were combined). It is my philosophy that students learn best when they are required to CREATE. By making these videos they not only have to understand a concept, they have to know it well enough to verbally explain and teach it to someone else. The vocalization of something can be much more difficult than simply solving.
These apps below are great ones to try for each level of Bloom's.

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