Is powerpoint the only way?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A student was eager to work on a "Big 6" research project and they sat down at a computer getting ready to find a way to "publish" their work when they posed this question to me. The tech-geek inside of me got pretty giddy and I quickly replied , "No!" I showed them a website called "Prezi" and helped them get started. I'm sure many more will follow, but take a look at what one student got started today. 

Great job! I LOVE it when my kids want to learn new ways to do things.

One other website that I haven't gotten to show them yet is "Glogster" ( Its like a blog and a poster put together in a virtual way. You can incorporate music, videos, photographs, etc. I'm hoping to use this with the kids by the end of the year. Try it at home if you get a chance!

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