Mobiles that balance

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today we worked on a lesson from our "Balancing and Weighing" unit in science. I told the kids all about the man Alexander Calder who invented mobiles (like the ones in baby cribs). I showed them pictures of his HUGE mobiles that are hanging in museums in New York. I gave them 4 objects - paper clips, straws, construction paper and tape and asked them to create a unique mobile that balanced. 

getting started
Getting creative

Making a paper clip chain

All done!
Look what I made!
When the students were done they had 2 options - draw a picture of their mobile in their science notebook OR post a picture of their mobile with a caption on their class blog - Kidblog. There was a little frustration along the way, but they really had a good time with it. They were super excited to take them home today as well.

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