Mental imagery/Visualization

Thursday, April 24, 2014

We started our poetry unit this week  and we are learning all about visualizing the text in our head and creating pictures from what we read and what we hear. Today, the children each chose their own poem and read it several times. They got chart paper and copied their poem, then worked with their partner to make their mental image come to life using tempera paint. It got a little messy, but the kids really enjoyed showing their connections between the poems and their mental images.

Easter Fun

On Good Friday, April 18, the students came to school with stuffed eggs and Easter baskets - and boy were they excited! At one o'clock, I had some very helpful parents show up and hide the dozens of eggs that had been brought in. We released the children and the eggs were found in no time! Afterward, our room mom provided cupcakes and juice. The kids had a great time.

Even Reese joined in on the Easter fun!

Let's Clean Up!

Our Scholastic News article on April 11 was entitled "River of Trash." It was about a man who noticed how much trash was being thrown into the Mississippi River. He decided he wanted to do something about it so he formed a group called "Living Lands and Waters." We read the article and the kids had a lot of comments, several of them noting trash they had seen in their day-to-day lives. One of them said, "Mrs. Davis, everytime I get on the bus, I always notice lots of junk on the road by the bus pick-up." They all chimed in, agreeing. The class decided just like the man in our article, we too should go do something about it! Out we went, with trash bags in hand to go make a small difference in helping out our school campus and surrounding area.

He found a large poster
He found a dollar!!

Girls Night Out 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Staying after school, doing cartwheels in the grass, munching on teddy grahams, watching Rio 2, eating at Pizza Hunt all equal...GIRLS NIGHT OUT. Friday, April 11 I was the brave teacher who took 9 girls to dinner and a movie - and we had a blast! 

D.E.A.R. Day

Friday, April 11 was DROP EVERYTHING AND READ day at Ben Davis. We had guest readers throughout our school and we were fortunate enough to have a librarian from our local library come and read two books to us. The kids also got to wear their PJ's and got extra reading time. They loved it! 
For even more pictures and information, check out our school librarian's blog posting about this fun day - 

Matching PJ's!

Can you infer?

As a part of our minilessons on inferring, we used task cards to help us practice. Children broke into pairs and received a baggie of laminated task cards - thanks to teachers pay teachers! Inference Task Cards -

The students used dry erase markers and took turns reading the scenario on the card, and then answered the question using what they had inferred.

Easter snack

Ben Davis is in the Easter spirit! Today, my mom graciously volunteered to come do a hands-on Easter snack with my kids. They each got a large plastic egg, filled it with rice krispie treats, put 2 M&M chocolate eggs inside, then removed the treat from the plastic and molded it together. They also had the option of add sprinkles and icing. As you can tell, the kids LOVED it!

Handing out eggs
Filling the eggs

Its getting sticky!

Sneaking a taste

Completed egg

Add the M&M chocolate egg

Press it together...

And done!

Yummy - time to enjoy!

I need icing!

My thoughts on teaching...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

With the year coming to a close, and my sixth year of teaching winding down SO quickly, I thought it best to reflect on my own philosophy of teaching. From my first year until now, a lot has changed - I have grown so much! Thanks to great administrators and colleagues, I have honed my skills and will continue to do so down the road. I love reading about other teachers' philosophies, so here goes:

1. All kids can learn. ALL of them -- no exceptions! It's up to students to put forth effort to learn, and it's up to teachers to present the information in such a way that it is interesting and relevant to the students' lives.

2. Everyone learns differently.

3. Taking the time to build a trusting, loving rapport with students is never a waste of time.

4. A successful classroom is one that runs on a balance of structure and variety.

5. Communication is key. I believe in communicating exact expectations of everything from how to walk in the hallway to how to earn full points on a project. I also believe in bridging the gap between home and school for my students; I try to communicate with parents as much as possible, whether that is through a website, via e-mail, over the phone, or in person.

I want my students to be as excited about learning as I am. I always believe that my overall goal is to do what is best for students (Thanks Mr. Kross). As a role model, I must inspire and empower my students to reach their highest potential. My responsibility is to facilitate and guide  – not control. It is vital to recognize each student as special, unique, individuals. As a teacher with a background in gifted, its also very important that I am flexible in order to adjust to the varying range of needs that my students have.

I value patience, humility, and humor. I hope to facilitate empowerment. It is my goal to always be a good listener and to avoid boredom in the classroom. I will continually work to create a unique and stimulating environment for learning in which there are NO limits!

Class Picture 2013-2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What a sweet group of kids! We missed you Judd!

"Egg"cellent Contractions!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Since it is almost Easter AND we're learning about contractions, we did a quick group activity to match up contractions with the words they combine. The students turned it in to a race (yes, I've got a VERY competitive group this year) and they were really on a roll. 

Boys night out with the teacher

What better way to cap off the end of the school year than to go out with your teacher on a Friday night? Well this crew did! The boys and I went to a movie then dinner on Friday, March 21. We went to see "Muppets Most Wanted" and then walked over to Pizza Hut. The boys had been working for two weeks to read 5 books and pass the AR test on the books. They each met their goal and received a coupon for a free personal pan pizza. As you can tell from the pictures, it was a wild night - a good time was had by all!