Toilet Paper Solar System

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The last few weeks of school, we briefly touched on the solar system and the main parts that make up our own solar system. After we discussed the sun and the inner and outer planets, the students struggled to understand the size of our system and how close (or not so close) the planets were. I found this activity to help the students with this and to let them get "hands on" with a topic that can be pretty tricky to grasp at this age. As a plus, the kids got to learn about decimals and how to round!

Students were each given a chart like this and a roll of toilet paper. The first sheet of toilet paper represented the sun, and then after that they had to use a sharpie to draw a line where the next planet would be and label it. 

Students in groups counting toilet paper squares
Where is Mercury?
Count to Jupiter!
Okay, I found it!
Finishing the inner planets
The kids had to be careful counters
The students figured out they better put paper underneath when using sharpies so it wouldn't bleed through

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