Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Which food weighs the most - cheerios, sunflower seeds, macaroni noodles, or split peas?

This was the question I posed to the students. I had them look at the cups - but not touch. Most all students hypothesized it would be the sunflower seeds. Why? I asked. Because they're the biggest! was the resounding answer. 

My next question: Does the size of an object determine its weight? 


Okay, let's find out! 

More confused looks. "How will we figure it out guys?"

We talked about different ways then were finally able to narrow it down - let's use our equal arm balances! Next we had to determine a unit of measurement - unifix cubes. 

We split into groups and using the unifix cubes were able to determine which food weighed the most...any guesses?

Preparing the weight

Putting the cups in serial order

Documenting our findings

Making sure the cups are equal

Getting started

Is this equal?

So the kids found out from their experimenting that the smallest item - the split peas - weighed the most!

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