Taking care of garbage

Sunday, October 19, 2014

After our first lesson on littering, the students posed the question: What happens after we throw this stuff in the garbage?
I love that this opportunity for an inquiry exploration came about!
We wrote down our questions, and then brainstormed resources to figure out our answer. First we did a little internet browsing, and then we called Montgomery Waste Management to figure out what we couldn't find online.
We eventually got our answers and decided to make sure everyone else would know what we'd just found out. Since we are studying sequencing this week in reading, it fit in perfectly to outline the steps that garbage goes through from the time we throw it away in our trash can.We typed the steps up, then split into groups of two to illustrate and write out the step. After all steps were completed, the children glued down the steps in the correct order. They did a terrific job!

Making sure the steps are in order

Why don't we recycle any of this garbage?

Taking action!

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