Goal Setting

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Now that we have wrapped up our 3rd 9 weeks and our student-led conferences, I'd like to share some of the resources I used to help our 2nd graders become aware of goals they have for themselves and ways they can set and meet goals. Here is one goal-setting card that is kid-friendly: Here is something I send home each Monday called the "Monday Memo." It keeps the parents AND the students aware on a week-by-week basis of how they are doing with their behavior and with their AR goal. On a side note, I allow the KIDS to set their AR goal. I want it to be something that will challenge them, but is also achievable. Students are also encouraged to set "conduct" goals. At our school, students must maintain an overall B average in conduct (80 or above for the year). Students start fresh every 9 weeks. This semester, I have been using a great website called "Class Dojo" - It is a visual way to positively manage behavior, it connects with the parents, and it saves time! Here is a resource I use with class dojo and setting behavior goals:

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