25 Days

Saturday, July 18, 2015

We are just under 4 weeks away from our first day of school. Furniture is being placed in the building and teachers are gathering all over town to meet and plan for the precious children who we will greet on that Thursday morning.
I'm doing my best to continue my further understanding of project-based learning and am working with my community (my grade level team) to "re-think" what the first day and first week of school will look like the Pike Road way.
Like a lot of you, I'm also a visual learner. I write things down. I document. I take photographs and videos. I need to SEE it to understand it. I've spent my nights this week reading, watching videos, and making lists to help me mentally get to that point where I can visualize the first few weeks of our school year.
While in the parent/community informational meeting this past Thursday night, you could see the excitement in the faces of the audience. They seemed refreshed and curious about this new road we are paving. But they want more. They have questions, and all we can say is...just wait! Trust us, and trust this process. The outcome will be unlike anything you expected. As Dr. Freeman said, "We are just an ordinary group of people setting out to do extraordinary things."
I'm a big Auburn fan and I love the intro/inspirational videos they create to get the Auburn family excited about the upcoming season. With that in mind, I decided to create our own video for the Pike Road family to both help them visualize what this year could look like and to get them excited about what is coming August 13.

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