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Saturday, August 8, 2015

We are just 5 short days away from greeting the children of the Pike Road community. Each day, the faculty of PRS has been busy transforming the building into a place thats ready for our learners and their creativity. We are doing things "The Pike Road Way," meaning that our classrooms (learning spaces) won't look like traditional classrooms. Because of this, we as a grade level have to go about putting these spaces together in a different way. We've worked together all week spreading our resources amongst all 5 spaces, each with a dedicated purpose.
Tomorrow we host a "Meet and Greet" so that we can meet our long-awaited learners and their parents! As a community (grade level), we created short iMovies about ourselves so the learners and their parents get a sneak peek into the lead learners who they'll be working with throughout the year. Yes, you understood that correctly - the six of us will share all the 2nd grade learners!

I am pleased to introduce to the Pike Road School Community 2 Lead Learners!

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