Choosing and Webbing a Topic

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our next steps in starting a new project including choosing the topic and then webbing what we know about the topic.

We started our day with a Google form with 25 topics, then we narrowed it to 7,

then narrowed it to 4,

then finally to our #1 pick - Restaurants and Food!

Now that we have decided on a topic, the first thing that happens is that we need to web what we already know (and what comes to mind) when we think about this topic. Children formed groups and were given sticky notes and large butcher paper. I gave them about 10 minutes to quickly write down everything they could think of.

After we did webs in small groups, we presented the webs to the entire class, then consolidated all of our responses into one large whole group web. We started on the web at the end of the day, but decided there is still more to add to it tomorrow!

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