Concluding our Castles Project

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The week before Spring Break marked our final week of our study on castles. We had been working so hard throughout the months of February and March to take all of our learning and research about castles and Medieval Times and represent it in meaningful ways. We did many things to prepare for this night.

  • Each child wrote a personalized invitation to their parents inviting them to our exhibition night
  • All fact books were completed and hung up
  • Children wrote a non-fiction book about an area of castles they were interested in and recorded a video of themselves reading it aloud
  • The outside of the room was turned into the outside of a castle, complete with a working drawbridge
  • The inside of the room was transformed into the "bailey" of a castle - basically a courtyard with stables, stonemason workshop, blacksmith workshop, Leather workers shop, a Well, along with a dungeon, the great hall (with banquet table), and a bathroom.
We had a wonderful turnout for our castles exhibition. The following day, the K-3 students were invited to stop by and take a tour. The children did an AMAZING job showing their parents and peers around, explaining what it was all about. They were so sad when it was time to take it all down.

Here is the video that was shown throughout our Castle's Exhibition. It features photos from the entire project process, along with interviews with some of the children on their viewpoint of the project.

Castles Project Progression from Lauren Davis on Vimeo.

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