Beginning our Project: Week 1

Friday, April 8, 2016

Now that we've decided on a new project topic: Restaurants and Food, it's time to get started!

Step 1: Web what we know about the topic (see last week's post)

Step 2: Have the children publish their web (making it visible and open for the children to add to the web)

Step 3: Sharing personal experiences about restaurants and food. I started by sharing one of my own restaurant experiences from when I was young, then allowed the children to write and illustrate their own experiences. These should also be displayed in a way for other children to view.

Step 4: Create visual representations of their personal experiences. I gave the children 8 choices: legos, playdough, watercolors, straws and connectors, iBook, iMovie, mini-poster, and magnatiles. They came up with so many wonderful things!

Step 5: Create fact books to store our learning in. We each created a fact book with a decorative cover.

Step 6: Create a KWL chart on the first page of the fact book and fill out the "K" (know) and the "W" (wonder) on the chart.

Step 7: On page 2 of the fact book, have each child write out a list of their questions they may have on the topic.

Step 8: Gather the class together and create a large class list of questions that we hope to have answered through our investigations and experiences.

Step 9: Begin researching ways to find the answers to our questions.

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