Field Experience

Monday, May 2, 2016

We were so fortunate to be invited by a local restaurant to go on our first site visit. H2O Cafe and Market is located in the neighborhood next to our school. Ms. Lois Weismann was more than happy to let the children come and explore the front and back of the "house." The children started by dividing up into 6 expert groups:
1) Foods they serve
2) Menu, prices, cashier
3) Workers and their responsibilities
4) Managing the restaurant
5) Restaurant Equipment
6) Uniforms and restaurant decor

Each member of the group had a particular responsibility - writer, interviewer, photographer, artist. 

We loaded up with our fact books, pencils, clipboards, and iPads in hand and set off on our 20 minute walk to the restaurant.

Once we arrived, we explored the front part of the restaurant, which also includes a market.

Children took time to observe what they saw. Some drew pictures, some made lists, while others took notes.

Ms. Weismann took 2 groups at a time to see the back part of the restaurant.

The children were fascinated with the different machines and how it all ran so smoothly.

She gave us time at the end to ask our final questions, then we said a final goodbye as the first few customers began placing their orders.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a picnic lunch and some playtime in the nearby park before walking back to school.

After returning to school, we debriefed on our experience. 

Angelique - I didn't know they had so much stuff!
Isaac - I never knew that restaurants could be stores, too!
Alexa - I didn't know they had teddy bears at restaurants.
Victoria - I didn't know that they hung up the order and looked at it and made the food. I think that's really cool.
David - I didn't know they had three sinks.
Jaycie - I didn't know that they actually had a place in the back where the owner worked.
Addisyn - I didn't know they had so much decoration.
Addison - I didn't realize that the kitchen would be so small.
Justice - I didn't know they had a shop there.
Sam - I didn't know that they had a second floor, which is for storage.
Erica - I didn't know that their food was organic and had less calories than other foods.
Ella - I didn't know that the waiter worked with the chef.
Travone - I didn't know that restaurants could be a store too.
Jordan - I didn't realize that restaurants needed a storage area.

Afterwards, we worked on representing our new learning. Children were encouraged to represent their learning in a way that was different than the way they did it for our cafeteria visit.

Jaycie and Addison made a menu

Some children wanted to make their own stove/oven

Jaeden made a poster

Some children created a skit and videoed it to show the goings-on at a restaurant

Addisyn made a miniature teddy bear to represent the one she saw on display in the market.

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