Sharing Personal Experiences

Saturday, September 24, 2016

With any good topic, we hope that are children have had at least one experience with it.
With flight, we wanted to know what personal experience each child may have had in the past.
To start with, Miss Walters (my intern) shared her experience with picked someone up at the airport. I shared my experience with seeing the eagle fly at an Auburn game. Ms. Brooks (one of our para's) shared about the first time she flew on an airplane. We tried to share a variety!
At that point, we encouraged the children to go and write about their experiences with flight. We wanted to hear it all!
On Monday, they wrote their first draft. On Tuesday, they worked on editing and publishing their final draft. On Wednesday, they worked on creating a physical representation of that experiences. They had several choices on ways they could represent their story:
* Magna-Tiles
* Play-doh
* Water colors
* Mini-poster
* Wiki-stix
* Blocks
* Legos
* Paper

Their stories were so wonderful to read! They ranged from airplane rides to seeing vultures in the road, from getting stung by a bee to seeing a helicopter land in their cul-de-sac!
Here is a quick youtube video I created to show how I displayed their personal experiences in the hallway.

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