Webbing a New Topic

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Now that we have officially chosen the topic of "flight" it was time to get down to business. We needed to see what we all truly knew and understood about flight, and also what we had heard about flight or where our interests in this topic were.

The first thing the children did was to work in small groups to use large pieces of butcher paper and post-it notes to web the topic.
Step 1 - quickly jot down (on post-it notes) everything that comes to mind when you think of flight, flying things, air travel, etc
Step 2 - with your group, organize these post-it notes into logical groups
Step 3 - come up with titles for these different groups and extend your web into these separate areas
Step 4 - hang your web for others to see

The children came up with so many wonderful ideas. The different things that were written down went so far beyond what I would have even come up with - I was so amazed! 

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