Final Airport Projects

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

After our field experience to both the military and commercial airport in October, we came back so excited about all our new learning. I told the children it was time to find ways to share this new learning with others. They could share their learning in any way they chose - as long as it related in some way to their field experience and demonstrated something new they learned.

We worked on and off for 7 weeks on these projects. Enjoy!

Bhakti and Rhiley's iMovie

Maddox created a miniature airport:

Sidney, Haley Grace, and Bhakti created the tunnel that is used for baggage security checks.

Carmen, Zainab, and Sydney made an "Airport Puppet Show" to discuss different facts that they learned.

Anna and Cami also made a baggage security check for the check-in desk.

Ryan and Judah made "Airport Monopoly"

Yujin and Grace made a flight puzzle and a flight matching game

Axel made a digital book about the military airport

Elijah and Abby made a flight board game "Plane Crash" and they also made a digital book "Planes and Beyond"

Kaylea and Bryant used Garage Band to make up their own song about airplanes.

Zavion made a parachute

Julia Karen made an iMovie about our field experience

I'm so impressed with these projects that the kids worked so hard on. We had a great variety, and they all did a great job presenting them to their friends.

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