What's Next for Flight?

Friday, March 24, 2017

Looking back at our web of "flight" that we made back in September...

The kids and I determined that we have studied each section in depth except for "animals that fly." (One caveat - we did not study "make-believe flying objects" although how neat would that be to create a futuristic flying machine?!)
So, we took a vote. Should we:
1) Study animals that fly through an in-depth look at insects, caterpillars, and butterflies
2) Move straight into preparations for an exhibition on our flight unit for our peers and parents

Though not all the students were present on the day of the vote...the majority ruled. We had 19 votes for caterpillars and butterflies and 3 votes for the exhibition!

I went ahead and ordered a butterfly kit - it will send us painted lady and monarch caterpillars very soon! 
Our first steps were to gather what information and misconceptions were held by the children already on this topic.
You can see a slideshow of some of their finished products here - 

Once we had gathered their initial knowledge and understand, we created a class web of knowledge to see what they knew as a group and where our teaching and facilitating of this next part of the project needed to begin. Here is the web that was created.

This gave me a good idea of where they are. They mentioned some of the parts - but not all (not the thorax). They really focused on the butterfly and not the caterpillar. Their knowledge of types of butterflies is slim. Needs of butterflies and caterpillars wasn't mentioned at all, along with the fact that they are insects. I believe we'll start by learning what qualifies something as an insect, then study caterpillars, and go from there.
I sent this out to the parents yesterday in hopes of creating insect sculptures after a bug hunt outdoors next week:

Our kit has arrived, and the caterpillars should arrive once the children return from Spring Break. I am looking forward to launching this with the children!

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