Getting to know Mrs. Davis

Monday, February 26, 2018

Here are some photos of Mrs. Davis doing what I love - teaching students, training other teachers, and getting deeper into the field of education.

Math Stations

Each week, we do a variety of skill-based math stations. We rotate through a series of five-six stations per week.
I try to include 3-4 skill based stations, 1 review station, 1 iPad station (we use Front Row, XTRA math, and Sum Dog for math review and practice), and 1 "Meet with Me" station.
We try to do 1-2 math stations per day. I make sure to meet with all students at least twice a week.
This week, our focus skill is on time. In second grade, they have to be able to read digital and analog clocks, know the difference between AM and PM, and be able to tell time to the nearest 5 minutes.
Here are our stations this week:
1) One station is a double and triple digit subtraction with regrouping station
2) Station #3 is "What does the clock say?" A fun QR code self-checking time game. It can be purchased here
3) Time after Time game is a fun partner board game. It can be purchased here
4) "Time Match" are some fun time puzzles that kids put together, and then use a paper to document their matches. It can be purchased from Brown Bag Teacher's second grade math stations file - purchased here (great purchase!)

I organize my station rotations using a google doc. I use pictures so the learners can easily see where they are and where to go next.
I love doing math stations each week, but it takes a lot of planning and preparation. It pays off so well when I see the children excited and engaged each day in their math work!